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Embrace Your Artistic Side

Attend one of our monthly workshops

Barb's Fine Art isn't only a place to buy beautiful art. It's a place where you can make your own. Get those creative juices flowing as you learn new painting and drawing techniques. These workshops are for everyone, from beginners to professionals.

We have six workshops available at our studio. All ages are welcome at our workshops. We encourage creativity and imagination no matter where you are on your artistic journey.

Call 319-373-1090 today to ask about our upcoming workshops.

Join us for our next workshop

In a typical workshop here, every participant works on their own project at their own pace. Barb will check in with you and provide guidance and feedback.

If you request it, we'll hold a demonstration to teach specific painting or drawing techniques. These workshops are all about growing and learning. They are constructive and encouraging, not purely judgmental.

Come to one of our workshops soon to see what it's all about.