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Commissioned Art

Request a painting made just for you.

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Custom Framing

Custom Framing

Order the perfect frame for your painting.

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There's nothing quite like adorning your home or office with unique art pieces. Barb's Fine Art sells artwork that you can't find at your favorite home decor store. We'll help you pick something out that truly speaks to you. If you don't find it on our walls, we can create a commissioned piece for you.

In addition to selling artwork and hosting workshops, we also work on custom framing. If you have a painting that needs a frame, bring it to us. We'll take all the measurements accurately and craft a frame that fits right.

We also perform repairs on paintings that have been damaged. Did your favorite work of art get scratched or torn in your latest move? Bring it to us for repairs and restoration.

Contact us at 319-373-1090 now to find out more about our fine arts studio.

Come to one of our workshops someday soon

Barb's Fine Art hosts monthly workshops to encourage established and aspiring artists alike. We'll teach you important techniques so you can paint your own works of art.

Our painting workshops can:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Give you a creative outlet
  • Foster a new hobby
  • Enhance your artistic skills
Call 319-373-1090 today to ask about our workshops.

What makes Barb's Fine Art such a wonderful place?

What makes Barb's Fine Art such a wonderful place?

Barb's mission statement is: "to discover, inspire and ignite imagination allowing God to lead me and those around me." Our studio has been open since 1989, but we've been in the arts business much longer than that. We'll help you find a work of art that matches your style. We have a lot of experience creating, teaching and sharing art.